Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Revisiting: The Masks Come Off

Some of the posturing of tolerance and respect has dropped away today, even more so than in recent times.

The real faces of protest and screaming demands are revealed to be twisted with hatred, ugly grimaces with dramatically hostile countenances.  It is apparent that this ideology was underlying fundamental sentiment all the time.  How can any protagonist of the current status even try to approach this howling wolf pack!  In their frenzied madness these unreasoning vigilantes would lynch us from the nearest tree.

We the beleaguered seek refuge in more comfortable places, while the screaming mobs mock with derision for our withdrawing from this daunting fray.

Each camp incites themselves to taunt and ridicule what they perceive as the enemy.  Ironically, it will only require some dramatic event to throw things back into a more realist perspective for all partisans.  The impact of one explosive event will be facilitated by all the current dissent and disorder.

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