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Ancestors: Peter Barton

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Peter Barton, Bishop of Kaysville, Davis county, Utah, is the son of John Barton and Elizabeth Bell, and was born March 21, 1845, at St. Helens, Lancashire England. He was baptized by Elder James Barton in 1853; ordained a Deacon and later a Priest while in England.

He emigrated to Utah in 1862, crossing the Atlantic in the ship "Manchester".

He then traveled over the plains in Ansil P. Harmon's ox-train. After his arrival in Utah, he settled in Kaysville.  He was ordained an Elder and subsequently a Seventy, and in 1874-76 he labored as a missionary in Great Britain.

Peter Barton Home in Kaysville

June 18, 1877, he was ordained a High Priest and Bishop and set apart to preside over the Kaysville Ward, which position he filled with honor, both to himself and the Ward. He also served as Ward clerk in Kaysville for a number of years.

Peter Barton (center) at Sugarhouse Penitentiary
In February, 1889, he was sentenced to fifteen months' imprisonment for "unlawful cohabitation," but before having served his full term, he was pardoned, being the first "Mormon" ever pardoned by Pres. Benjamin Harrison. Bishop Barton has held a number of civil positions, such as justice of the peace, city recorder of Kaysville, etc. He has also served two terms in the Utah legislature.

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