Friday, October 13, 2017


Moved to a new location.  Senior Living center in Orem.  New Church ward, lots of nice people.

Treeo Orem

Extra charges for pets - I won't be getting a poodle.

A bit too expensive for my budget, but otherwise ideal for my needs at the moment.  Working on stroke rehab - again. Insurance refused to cover any further treatment, so I am on my own this time. Done this enough times, it is a familiar trail.

Looking for another place in Salt Lake County; my boys said move closer to them, so they can visit more often.

Could no longer justify living at my moms house.  Cannot help her any more, I'm more handicapped than she is.  Folks from her ward and community promise to help her, and she will be getting home health visits.

Suggestions for nice future apartments  welcome.

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Doug said...

I could offer suggestions for a nice place but it's not in Salt Lake County. Syracuse is nice if you'd like to come a little farther North.

Just a friendly thought.

Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

Be well my friend!