Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Embittered about the Predominance of Useful Idiots

Why am I fooling myself?  Few people want to look at graphs.  Still fewer understand what they even mean.  We are a nation of college-educated, willfully ignorant, useful idiots.  And we cannot tolerate anything that reminds us of our own ignorance.

Initially I thought it was the just the Feminazis.  I tried to engage them in the past, in a discussion about human genetics.  Total non-comprehension.  Nevertheless, I persisted.  They were outraged, and threw me out of their "open" discussion forum.   I am doubtful that many in the audience could even spell "genetics", let alone know what it means.  My cynicism was fully justified.

I found some temporary satisfaction in breaking through their protective blocking software.  I dropped several unprovocative comments without disclosing my true identity.  Nobody noticed.  After overcoming the software challenge I got bored with them.  There is little independent or original thinking.

Genetics isn't even a topic for which I consider myself particularly knowing or smart.  But I can at least spell "chromosome".  Sometimes I even manage more difficult concepts like "DNA".  The Internet is a wealth of information at our summoning.  Sad commentary that by far, the heaviest use today is distribution of pornography.  Some of it graces the pages of the New York Times.

Unfortunately the social phenomenon is so widespread as to be nearly ubiquitous.  This is not just the left side of the bell curve.  We are a culture of morons, marching around mindlessly raging about "pussy grabbing" while we later curl up at home with the latest mommy porn so raptly counting the shades of perversion.  No wonder all are so easily manipulated by the Fake News stream.

The extremist idiots are well represented through the political spectrum.  Right-wing nuts are perhaps, if it were possible, even less coherent than today's representative Feminazi in the engagement of an incomprehensible stream of enraged profanity-laced protests and the comical Internet memes they put up as a replacement of critical rhetoric.

Yes, we are manifestly a nation of college-educated, willfully ignorant, useful idiots.  Intellectual cripples.  If we had enough collective intelligence to feel embarrassed, we would all feel ashamed. Instead of perhaps just publicly acting stupid.

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