Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We the People

One of the basic principles enumerated in the Constitutional commission is the government mandate to "provide for the common defense".  The specific interpretation of this phrase is that the government is charge to appropriate armies.  There are other government provisions supported by laws which extend specific authority to the executive, the President and his Cabinet.  The Department of Homeland Security was created in response to specific threats in the US against US citizens.

From my perspective, those protesting against the current acts of the President of the United States are seem to be arguing that the President exceeds his authority to act in behalf of the people.  "Not MY President!", they scream, along with other complaints of the same general class.  Few of them seem to express any logical rationale for that premise.  Some of them so consumed with their enraged and frenzied self-importance they seem to have great difficulty articulating ANYTHING even marginally intelligible.  They are essentially protesting against provisions of the US Constitution.

There is no law prohibiting these people from embarrassing themselves in public.  Indeed, many of them seem to be pursuing this end with the greatest energy and enthusiasm.  I have no idea how long these hysterics will be the popular trend, before they exhaust themselves.

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