Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Poison Skittles anyone?

The Trump campaign illustrates the Middle East refugee problem with a poison Skittles story, a simple thought experiment.  Doesn't really require over analysis.

Talking heads feign absolute horror!

Illary characterizes half of America as "a Basket of Deplorables".  She gets nod and pass from the media.  Because apparently they already knew she was right.

This is how Trump supporters are painted.

At the same time the news overflows with horrific stories about murderous terrorists, with ties to Middle East countries, slaughtering innocent people.

I am willing to extend every benefit of doubt to Skittles, but terrorist bombers belong in their own country.  We don't need to bring them here, to facilitate their ease and convenience in massacring  Americans.

Some apparently believe the risks of importing refugees are negligible.  Another story on the Skittles angle gives a little different perspective...

Critical review of yet another story reflects the casual attitude some seem to have about death by terrorism.

Another story puts the Skittles analogy in perspective.

Ho hum.  Nothing to see here. Move along...

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