Thursday, November 12, 2015

Church Handbook 1: Revisons and Reactions

I am not one to say "I told you so", but I honestly believe these prancing parading advocates encouraging our loving embrace of openly homosexual behavior are the ones who have precipitated the recent Church action of revisions to Handbook 1 regarding same-sex behavior.

As it turns out, this group of marchers and those they presume to support WERE actually engaging in a sort of "bridge-building".  Just not the bridges they were anticipating.  They at least partially have themselves to blame for the changes in Church policy.  Life is full of such surprises.

I can also say that this clarification of Church policy regarding same-sex relationships and Church membership is an answer to my own fervent personal prayers.

It helps resolve my concern that the Law of Chastity was being revised for the benefit of a certain interest.  My understanding was always that everyone is required to live by the same set of rules, and no personal circumstance exists that would allow exceptions.

Though I am certain that there have been people praying for other solutions to this problem.  I know that there have been.  Their prayers have been answered too - just not the way they were expecting.

I understand that some are angry, hurt, disappointed and offended by the Church position.  But from my point of view, this was a change waiting to happen.  I can see that some advocates can make a case for their position with regard to certain aspects of these issues, but the arguments seem of little merit because their whole rationale begins with a false premise.  It is vain to protest that a rope is sound except for a fatal weakness at the top of the line.

As has been the case with so many other such actions from the Church, this implementation of new administrative policy was a response to current events.  And inspired Church leadership acting under Divine direction.

The developing situation had obviously left local leaders, the bishops and stake presidents, with an unfair burden on their judgement.  I can imagine being personally conflicted and torn by the many impassioned pleas for justice.  Especially in the face of such a shift in the legal scene.

Now that burden has been shifted.  I have little doubt that local leaders have made their own decisions about how to act in cases affected by this concern.  Perhaps some of them will be all the more troubled by this course of action.  But it was really the only way to resolve the conflict.

I am personally impressed that the policy change reflects the collective wisdom and experience of those who guide the Church with their prophetic calling.

And I am mightily relieved that I don't have to make such impactful decisions regarding people's lives.  In retrospect, I see that the drive to give legal status to same-sex marriage was the impetus for this seeming new policy.  In reality, there is nothing particularly new about it.  The policy simply extends administrative rules and oversight to Church doctrine that has long been in place. What is actually "new" is any hope or expectation that immoral behavior will be tolerated or accepted by the Church.  Indeed, the scope of acceptance and practice throughout the world shows a surprising degree of diversity, from countries that legally embraced same-sex relationships decades ago, to those who still cling to some vestiges of traditional morality.

Plenty of pubic sorrowing, agonized hand-wringing stories and demonstrations are now being staged.  As if advocates and those fully engaged in this behavior are shocked and surprised that anyone would ever think to disapprove of their choice to act in open defiance of eternal commandments, so presumptuously to spoil their blissfully happy homosexual relationships.  If you were among those so posturing, I'm honestly sorry to disappoint you, but rather pleased that you're not quite so in charge of things as you might have been led to believe.

All popular opinion to the contrary, it turns out that there really can be no such thing as "Mormons for Gay Marriage".  It is a total contradiction in terms.

My focus is not distracted.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Not that I am claiming to be perfect in any particular aspect.  But striving nonetheless.

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