Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Utah Places: Tushar Mountains

One of the destinations I have neglected to mention is the Tushar Mountains of central Utah.  Perhaps the most attractive feature this area offers is that it seems to be far less popular than Wasatch or Uinta, though the Tushars have many beautiful places.

The highest point is Delano Peak.  Mount Belknap is the other notable destination high point. 

Many of the canyons in the Tushars have been the site for gold mining, and evidence of the mining activity remains.

Bullion Canyon above Marysvale is one such site.

I don't know how much gold was ever extracted, but the miners were certainly ambitious enough in their pursuit.

Delano Peak is home to a substantial Mountain Goat population, and they can often be seen above the tree line.

When I was young, my Dad and his brothers often visited the canyon north of Marysvale for their annual deer hunt.  Some of their adventures in the canyon are nothing less than legendary.  We sometimes stopped at Hoover's Cafe at the mouth of the canyon by the river.

Also just north of the canyon is an area of some geological interest called Big Rock Candy Mountain.  Yes, the Burl Ives song inspired the name, and the silly lyrics adapted by locals to tell all about the curious features.  It really is a geological oddity.  Today the area is a small developed resort, and I tend to avoid such places.  If you have an interest in such amenities they are readily available, also nearby in Beaver, Marysvale, and other local towns.

The Sevier River that flows through the canyon also has some nice trails for biking or hiking.  Some touristy place or other hosts float trips, but the river is pretty placid.  An old innertube would work fine.

I have also visited the area that has previously been the old Elk Meadows and Mt. Holly resort.  The drive up from the Circleville side is a spectacular mountain road climb from the valley into lush green mountain meadows teeming with wildlife.  The roads above the abandoned resort provide good access to Mount Delano.  Apparently the resort has been reopened as a new development called Eagle Point, so I'm not certain of the status of roads that go through private land. 

A beautiful mountain destination, whether you approach from Beaver, Marysvale, or Circleville.

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