Thursday, April 30, 2015


The arguments promoting homosexual "marriage" are ridiculous.  But so are most of the discussions opposing it.

Nothing in nature is quite as ridiculous or sublime as the human relationship that results in procreation and perpetuation of the human race.  One of the few acts of human behavior to surpass the drama of creating the next generation are the frustrated and frenzied obsessive sexual acts of homosexuals, a senseless and confused cultural engagement in parody of the biological imperative, that can never in any circumstance ever result in increase, either purposeful or accidental.

Every snickering naive post-puberty teenage human knows and understands the difference between sexual indulgence and marriage.  But proponents of homosexual "equality" now contrive to blur the distinction.  They are wont to insist that there is no substantial difference between Divinely sanctioned marriage covenants and the subject of an obscene joke.

Amid the overblown and contrived pageantry, flagrant public displays of wanton inebriated behavior, and prancing "pride" parades, what passes for moderation and reason are accusations from the politically correct - "rape culture" and "manspreading" are cause for postured outrage.  While deviance is celebrated as representing "tolerance" and "equality".  The advocates of this perversion act as if they themselves invented unrestrained sexual indulgence.

Despite the absolute futility of this perverted and depraved behavior, those who are obsessed about this pretense are now on the cusp of forcing everyone in the land to respect their deviance, and lend the dignity of judicial review to their prancing antics.  The AIDS/HIV epidemic in the United States is the "elephant in the room" that proponents so carefully ignore.  The well-known dirty secret is that homosexual practices, confined to 5% of the United States population, account for nearly 80% of the incidence of AIDS/HIV.  Certainly sufficient grounds for government intervention.

Those who dare to deplore this ugly perversion are censured and silenced.  Groups and corporations endorse this "equality" and bully any who presume to speak against it.  Respectable and decent persons who express any opposition to deviance are now despicable "homophobes".  And the raging hateful rampage against them, supposedly to defend against unfair "discrimination" is unequalled and relentless.

The Supreme Court is now called upon to lend their supposedly learned jurisprudence to promote and force acceptance of  the ridiculous pretense.  And if it were ever a question, why not homosexual "marriages"?  Why should civil government have any interest in promoting moral standards?  Even the raising of the absurd question before the court makes an absolute mockery of the judicial process.

Perhaps the biggest pretense is that so many raging activists now claim to be advocating for what they refer to as "love", as they scream profane epithets and make frenzied obscene gestures.

When all is said and done, my suspicion is that our modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah insanity will prevail for a season.  Some will persist in their insistence that good is really evil, and evil is good.  When the people realize what injustice has been wrought therein, it will be even more difficult to oppose.

This is the legacy we will hand to our children.  If they presume to disagree with this form of "tolerance", they will be punished.

For example, the bakery in Oregon that declined to provide cakes to a homosexual marriage celebration.  They did not try to interfere in any way with the two lesbian women becoming "married".  Did not yell at them, argue with them, or criticize their behavior.  Just would not provide them with cakes, and got sued for it.  Their business is now closed, and they face the threat of substantial fines.

It's all a big freak show, and I make no pretense about being amused.

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