Saturday, May 03, 2014

2014 BYU Women's Conference

More than 11,000 women from around the world were in attendance at the opening session of BYU’s Women’s Conference Thursday morning.  Speakers and classes were on the agenda through the day Thursday and Friday, May 2-3.

Several articles were published in the Church News regarding the conference.  Conference introduction, dealing with mental illness, bloggers sharing the Gospel through social media, counsel from General Women's Auxilliary Presidency, and new approaches to missionary work.

Transcripts will be made available here.

I am disappointed that such LDS women's events do not attract media attention.  12,000 faithful LDS women gather at BYU and nobody takes notice.  A handful of dissidents line up on Temple Square to attend the Priesthood Session even though they knew ahead of time that they would be turned away, and it gets national attention.  I suppose both groups have their reward.

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