Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anti-GMO Pseudo-science

In the midst of raging GMO debate, I keep wondering, why should I believe that it represents corporate interests to poison their customers?

Does anyone really suppose that Monsanto has a secret conspiratorial agenda and a host of mad scientists laboring to invent plants that kill people, and honestly thought they could keep it all a secret?

There seem to be few who can even conduct a rational discussion of relevant facts.  One admirable and interesting effort to bring the two sides together is being staged at a UCB class, reviewed in this article.

Of course, that nefarious and frightening mad scientist by the name of Norman Borlaug is behind the whole conspiracy.  Without him and his successors, most of the world would be literally starving today.

You never heard of him, you say?  How wonderfully successful the secret conspiracy has been!

In April 2014, the State of Vermont legislated requirements for GMO product labelling, after California voters rejected the Prop 37 initiative in 2012.  Now if those Vermonters can just settle on what constitutes "GMO"...

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