Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gay in the News: Lesbian Trio is Expecting

In contemporary terminology, the newly coined term is "throuple".

This gang proudly announced the production of offspring in the news media.  Not that lesbians are capable of conceiving without some outside assistance.  The father was reportedly just an "anonymous" sperm donor.

Though the proud parents undoubtedly plan to raise a happy child, this event begs the question of what rights should be afforded to biological parents, "anonymous" or not.  And what kind of rights are afforded to otherwise helpless children.

When the mother of a child leaves leaves maternity care, she has a reasonable expectation to go home with her biological child, not a random choice selected by the nurse.  Is this not a proprietary choice that should be afforded equally to the biological father, to associate with a his own offspring?

When a child is born, does he have a reasonable expectation to association with the natural biological parents? If the parents do not respect such rights, does the state have a reasonable responsibility to do so?

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