Tuesday, April 01, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Corporate Extortion

...Unless its not.  Certainly nothing deemed to merit "gay" disapproval is "okay".  Anything else requires permission with a note from your mother.

An interesting glimpse at homosexual advocacy and activism this week.

It seems that those who opposed California's Proposition 8 kept careful track of those who made donations to the campaign. Activists nursing a long-standing grudge keep those who represent such opposition to their agenda under their thumb, and many of them have been subject to popular censure for presuming to hold the "wrong" opinion.

Following the example of Apple, the NFL, and other outspoken corporate interests in the Arizona "no gays allowed" legislative argument, other corporations have joined the "gay" activism fray.  Difficult to say whether this move stems from enthusiastic ideologues in the boardroom or cynical concession to the perception of popular sentiment.

Their sights focused this week on the Mozilla group, and newly elected CEO Brendan Eich, who is now being cast as an enemy to the cause.  Some other companies are now recommending a "gay"-cot of Mozilla products such as the popular Firefox browser, because they have "outed" the CEO as a homophobe.

One of the companies pointing fingers at Mozilla apparently displays the following to Firefox users attempting to enter their web site:

"Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame and frustration are our enemies, and we wish them nothing but failure."

To this I would like to add my sad acknowledgement to all those so vigilant in continuing to hound people who supported Proposition 8, and offer them my own sympathies. Your obsession with your own "gender identity" (whatever you think that might be) has absolutely nothing to do with the browser you prefer.  And if you choose not to use Firefox, I think it is too bad, because it is a very good product.  Seems to me that's what all this comes down to - vociferously demanding the right to make bad choices, and denying that consequences ever hurt you or others.

To all those who are deceived into believing they can find happiness in living a miserable lie, I offer my sincere condolences, and pray that they might be led to some way to escape from the trap of evil consequences of their undignified shameful indulgence in an unhealthy and promiscuous destructive lifestyle, before they contract some horrible STD.

Another discussion in the news here.

In the latest development, Brendan Eich has reportedly resigned from the position as Mozilla CEO.  News and comments from the Heritage Foundation here.  More from Heritage Foundation here.
More from Yahoo News here.

Apparently Eich was one of the original founders of Mozilla, and was involved in promoting the success of the company for 20 years.

Once again it is manifest that homosexual advocates do not believe in freedom of speech for anyone who presumes to disagree with them.  The hypocrites demonstrate that they cannot tolerate resistance or criticism, and those who speak against them will receive retribution.

I cannot understand why laws against "hostile work environment" did not protect Eich from the unfair discrimination of his own employees.  Apparently these harassment statutes are only intended to have an effect in one direction.

All that said, I have the suspicion that Eich's resignation is not depriving him of rewards from his contribution to the success of Mozilla.  I would imagine that he parts company from Mozilla with a substantial share of the financial profits.  For one with strong passive-aggressive tendencies like me, that would be the ultimate departure. 


Dennis said...

The central part of Lucifer's plan is still alive and well, and being actively promoted even here in mortality on the Earth. That being that we should not be responsible for our choices, whether good or bad, and there will be no consequences. The war in heaven continues even here.

Jim Cobabe said...

I am reminded of the line from Indiana Jones movie, after the heroes witness the horrifying death of the man who drank from the wrong cup - "He chose poorly".

Sometimes life imitates art.