Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Sacred Sacraments of Contemporary Feminism

Though owners of the "Common Consent" blog no longer deign to permit me to comment on their inane observations, I still read with some interest, and even fascination from time to time.

I should add that at one time I took the trouble to bypass the security system at "Common Consent", but once I had access again, I found that I had little to say that would have made any impression in that forum.  They obviously think very highly of themselves.

This week there was an interesting post about someone's divorce experience.  The story itself was a rather boring tedious repetition of all the agonized dramatic breast-beating tearful pathetic melodrama that is commonly staged in nearly every divorce.  My interest was drawn by what was NOT mentioned.  In considering all the implications of divorce, the post and comments were careful not to mention one thing.

Before the beginning of a certain epoch, the divorce rate per marriage was relatively low.  The rate began to go up in the '60s, roughly doubled in the '70s, and peaked in the '80s.

The falling-off of the rate since then probably relates to the contemporary social trend to abjure marriage altogether, more than any tendency toward avoiding divorce.  In social trends, marriage decline from that watershed point led to corresponding gradual decline in every related statistic.  Judging by the popular media coverage, the only people still wanting to get married are Hollywood celebrities and homosexuals.  Both groups seem predisposed to casual divorces and other associated trends.

In fact the divorce trend seems to fit rather nicely with several other social trends.  No coincidence that trends in marriage rates, divorce rates, birth rates, and abortion rates correspond so closely.

My impression is that divorce is one of the sacred sacraments of feminism.  The application of this ubiquitous and vociferous world-view began to be popularized at the end of the '60s, and continues through the present. The popularity of the feminist social trend is reflected in the sudden increase of these rates.  It reflects a destructive and pernicious philosophy that challenges the foundations of heathy human society.

The toll of every feminist "victory" brings the world one step closer to the extinction of the human race.

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