Saturday, March 01, 2014

"Gay" in the News: NYTimes Sort of Helps Out

Wondering what to feel about Arizona storms raging in the media?  Once again, a NYTimes column dispels any confusion.  We are left with no doubt about the most popular politically-correct doctrine of the time.  Continuing the trend of popular media misrepresentation, the NYTimes sorta helps out.

Though perhaps it remains to be seen who these "morans" might be.

We understand by the blessing of such NYTimes wisdom that those miserable Arizona Congress critters, abandoning the sinking ship of desecrating sacred "gay rights", have pivoted,  now busy aiming their impotent guns of discrimination against another sacred sacrament, compromising the freedom of abortion clinics. 

And here you were thinking that Arizona is just a political backwater of no consequence to Real Important People of the NYTimes.  Arizona's obvious purpose for existence is to provide fodder for NYTimes readers to fashionably deplore.

Now we really KNOW how to engage in public ridicule of the unenlightened and intolerant.   With all the authority and sensitivity of the NYTimes.

We of the benighted regions should perhaps just shuffle back into our caves, drink the haute Kool-aid, and shut up.  For those who need permission, you know now what to think.  Be glad that the NYTimes, true source of all benevolence and virtue, has deigned to take notice.

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