Sunday, March 09, 2014

Utah Caucus Meetings

Attend your neighborhood Utah caucus meeting.  This is your opportunity to participate in local politics, at the grass roots level.

20 March 7:00 PM.

If you don't know where the meeting is in your neighborhood, look it up...

If you are registered with the Utah Republican Party

If you are registered with the Utah Democratic Party

Deseret News article on caucus meetings.

The Utah County 17th Precinct news is published by Sabrina Barry at this blog.

At the Utah County 17th Precinct caucus on Thursday 20 Mar, the following appointments were ratified:

Precinct Chair:
Merrill Oyler  801-368-1860

Precinct Vice Chair:

Sabrina Barry  801-592-3702

State Delegates:
Vi Herrin  801-375-6096
Sabrina Barry 801-592-3702

County Delegates:
Paul V. Child 801-830-6014
Roberta Robertson  801-377-1160
Holly Eaton  801-669-6728
Clint Miller 801-377-0841

Sabrina Barry  801-592-3702 

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