Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Federal Judge Rules Against Texas DOMA

 Oh, what a surprise.

Another federal judge rules to overturn democratically-approved state restriction of same-sex marriage.  This time in the great state of Texas.  And in response to yet another lawsuit.  Imagine that.

I guess the motto will also require some revision.  "Don't mess with gays and federal courts!"

The judge, in his decision, intones,
Without a rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose, state-imposed inequality can find no refuge in our United States Constitution. These Texas laws deny plaintiffs access to the institution of marriage and its numerous rights, privileges, and responsibilities for the sole reason that Plaintiffs wish to be married to a person of the same sex.
Perhaps one of the problems being that of course there is "legitimate governmental purpose" in all sorts of governmental regulatory restrictions on marriage.  I cannot marry my mother or my sister even if I wanted to.  Neither can I marry my 1995 Toyota 4-Runner, no matter how much we profess to love each other.  But who knows, maybe those rules will also change.

This specious rationale is just further insistence that if we call the tail a leg, the government has a Constitutionally-vested interest to force everyone to recognize that a dog has more than four legs.

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