Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Homophobic India

Homosexual advocates in India stage protests after India's Supreme Court ruled that homosexual behavior is a legally punishable offence.  The ruling results in reinstitution of 19th century law which had been suspended under legal challenge since 2009.

It is not really a question of proprietary government interest in legal regulation of sexual expression.  There has generally been at least some recognition that certain civil and criminal laws are justified by the obligation of the government to provide protection to citizens from certain types of sexual practice.  The question is, where to draw the line.

It is ironic to see such issues "coming out" in places like India and Africa, and Russia, where the influence of traditional Christianity - the usual scapegoat for US "anti-gay" sentiment - is minimal.

The predominant religion of affiliation in India is Hindu.

Most of Africa is predominantly Islam.

And the Russians are officially atheists.

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