Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Melodrama Debuts at Utah State Capitol

Utah legislators conduct tear-jerker hearing.

Photos of other men expressing similar sentiments.

Members of Utah Congress heard pathetic stories of sad Utahns who have been insulted, fired from their jobs and felt unable to make a decent life because they are "gay".

I am not without feeling.  But a photo-op of one of the attendees at the hearing, apparently caught wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, just might approach maudlin.  And it certainly represents the degree of calculated cynicism exhibited by the typical media reporting of these events.

It approaches melodramatic proportions where this is no longer staging a demonstration, it is a performance piece.  Victims on parade.  And bleeding hearts reporting it.

What kinds of gestures will it take to satisfy homosexual advocates in Utah that they have made their point?

I get it.  People are getting their feelings hurt, subjected to hearing of discouraging words, and worse.  This is belaboring the point.

And now what you do shouts so loudly in my ears, I can't hear a word you're saying any more.

Is the US facing the threat of Balkanization?  Have we become so polarized that debate in the public square becomes just another recitation of charges to shout past each other?

I have no defense against the accusation that a few people in the state of Utah are perpetrating harm and malicious acts and denigration against social misfits.  Since I am personally handicapped and have suffered all kinds of resulting discrimination myself, I have no reason to deny that such things happen.  Sometimes people park in the blue spot that are clearly not among those designated for such accommodation.  I have considered reporting this to police, but I suppose cops really have better ways to spend their time.  And balancing these few unfortunate episodes are countless gestures of kindness and good intentions from Utahns trying to be sensitive about my disabilities.

The question is, do I expect government regulation to come to the rescue in cases where nothing less than thought police will do?  Have we reached a point where the priority of special rights for one group overrides the existing protection of rights for all others?

One of my friends participated in staging this production.  I wonder if I should ask him for a copy of the script?

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