Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Transgender Surgery and Insurance Benefits

Transgender reassignment surgeries will be covered by an increasing number of insurance plans.  Isn't that just such a comfort to know?  If I happen to be out shopping, and should decide that I need to just pick up a bit of transgender surgery today, I will keep this in mind.

Because "gender identity" is such a serious thing these days, the mayor of DC has joined with others in recognizing "gender identity disorder" as a legitimate medical condition. Washington DC now joins California, Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon and Vermont in mandating insurance coverage for treatment of "gender identity disorder".

I admit I am confused all about this, because it seems to me like mental health professionals just got through revising their categorization of such things so that homosexual behavior cannot be treated as a psychiatric disorder.  But now insurance coverage is mandated for treatment as a medical disorder?

The world is a mixed-up place.

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