Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Arizona Bill Vetoed

Arizona's Governor Brewer decided to capitulate, rather than bear any more of the brunt of homosexual advocates wrath.

A more extreme review of the Brewer veto.

Totally understandable.  She was obviously intimidated by dissonant voices, clashing on the courthouse lawn.  Apparently the "gay" protests shouted louder and longer.

Arizona is already the focus of enough controversy.  They have no real need to force this issue at this time.

Compromise is the foundation of diplomacy.

There will be other opportunities to test this idea further.  I'll be back...

Meanwhile, we can just picture all the Archie Bunker look-alike bigots huddling in their dank dungeons in Arizona, stashing away their secretive stores of "NO GAYS ALLOWED" signs, behind the stacks of ammo boxes, ready to display at a moment's notice, if again the phony call of "religious liberty" should ever again be invoked from the sacred halls of discrimination.

This is not "coexist".  It is "capitulation".  Homosexual advocates got whatever they demanded, and nobody else got anything.

One can hope that the interests of the people of Arizona are well served.

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