Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Arizona Controversy

Those of you who claim religious rights in Arizona are irritating to those of us who are "gay".   Opponents of the legislation assert that the result will be "NO GAYS ALLOWED" signs being posted by businesses.

Aside from the fact that no such signs have ever been produced, other than by "gays" making this argument, this is cited by homosexual advocates as a compelling and inevitable "slippery slope".

I am not convinced by the specious reasoning.  The number of tee-shirts on display with pro-homosexuality slogans is not equivalent to democratic process, nor does getting your staged protest tantrums in the news establish "consensus".  This does not even amount to "appeal to authority" logic.  It is simply demanding government support for a position that cannot be logically defended.

While the advocates for "equality" would find some satisfaction in forcing everyone to hold their hands over their hearts, stand at attention, and sing "Glory, Glory Hallelujah!" every time another "gay" flaunts his deviance, I feel no reverence for this false sense of  "equality".  It has little to do with bigotry, and everything to do with morality.

Self-identified "Gays", it would seem, have yet to live up to their own ridiculous labelling. They're just not all that gay.

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