Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Supporting Traditional Marriage

At the "Support Traditional Marriage" rally a couple of weeks ago, the "gay" interests held a competing rally on the same location several hours before.  Some of them stayed on, apparently intending to disrupt the subsequent rally.  They marched down the aisle while the Utah Attorney General was trying to speak, and threw glitter-filled balloons at him.  Then they fell on the floor kicking and shouting like an angry two-year-old in a tantrum.  That part was not particularly interesting to me, but it was fascinating to see dozens of media representatives rush down the aisle to make a record of the petulant outburst.  There were more cameras than cops.  The reporters swooped in from the periphery like a flock of vultures as the cops dragged them away.  Thus the protesters apparently fulfilled their purpose.

It would seem that most of us pitiful and pathetic people have an independant life of our own.  Others seem compelled to publicly exhibit a contrived "gender identity" that we must never presume to question.  That would constitute a thought-crime against humanity.

I'm pretty sure I have little understanding of what "transgender" hopes to accomplish.  As far as I can tell, what happens to a developing human takes place a long time before anyone is even born.  A bit of snipping and cutting, an excision or augmentation here and there, is not going to ever change that.  Cosmetic surgery makes changing some rather superficial physical characteristics about as easy as changing your clothes.  And as meaningful.

I personally feel that the ramifications of my own life are more important than an actor's wardrobe.  Sexuality is a human attribute, but I would think my life shallow indeed if I held that to be anything more than a small integral piece of what defines me.  Those advocates for "gay" thinking seem to be letting one obsession define the whole of their existence.  I could never be so narrow.

An associate once challenged me about my presumed "homophbia", suggesting that I should "try being gay for a day".  My impression has long been that I would find no real difficulty in doing so, in every bit as superficial manner as those who would project a "gender identity".

In me it seems to represent a character defect that I must work to overcome.  But others are apparently privileged to argue, "I was born this way".

Weren’t we all... 

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