Monday, February 24, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Dealing With Sexuality in the Real World

"Same-sex Marriage" - both sides of the debate need hope.  Divisive rhetoric from either side of the issue does little to settle the controversy over marriage traditions.

Reducing the perspective to allow few alternatives is a cognitive distortion.  

"Either jump out of the closet, join the celebration, make being gay or lesbian the dominant characteristic of your life and the sole foundation of your identity, and join the same-sex marriage lobby — or remain ‘closeted,’ deny yourself, choose a false identity, become depressed, and risk suicide.”

This same false dichotomy is presented to the public, insisting that the only way to recognize the equal dignity of gays and lesbians is to redefine the institution of marriage to include same-sex couples — or risk a repressive, backward society that shuns its sons and daughters, consigning them to lives of solitude, misery and despair."

In the real world, there are many who experience same-sex attraction that have learned to deal with it, without any of the dire consequences that protesters insist on.

Also in the real world, those who indulge their enslavement to biological imperative seldom seem to find lasting happiness, "gay" or not. 

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