Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Gay" in the News: Corporate Coercion

One of the major corporate sponsors attempting to exert coercive pressure on Arizona regarding the recently approved "religious rights" bill.  Apple is currently building a facility in Mesa, and suggests that they may have to rethink this if Governor Brewer signs the bill.

This is interesting too for the fact that the population of Mesa is predominantly Mormon.  The religious rights idea would seem to be a perfect fit for the community.

How this issue comes under the domain of proprietary interest by the computer industry escapes me.  From my perspective, computers seldom claim anything like "gender identity".  I also use Apple Computer products, so I must be contributing to their success.

But Apple apparently expects to get some mileage out of it.  Maybe marketing research indicates to Apple execs that the corporate culture they project wins them market share.  Seems to be a fairly successful business strategy, to flatter the thundering herd who "think different" in their uniformity.  But Apple practice does not seem to be altogether consistent with this idea, at least in this case.  They seem to believe financial influence buys them political power.  And to be honest, is there any other way?

Perhaps by no small coincidence, even their corporate logo apparently signifies sympathy with homosexual advocates.

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