Friday, January 31, 2014

Utah Endangered

Earlier I noted the great rock-tipping incident that was staged out in the Utah desert.

The now-famous rock tippers of Goblin Valley Utah are now facing felony charges.  I suppose the Salt Lake Tribune can take major credit for trumpeting the alarm.  The SLTrib publishes the latest.  Not to be outdone, the Deseret News adds their documentation.

It would appear that Utah is under threat from illicit rock-tipping.  The lawlessness is out-of-control.  We need government intervention before every rock in the desert is ravaged by such evil maniacs.

Just imagine what these guys might have done if they got their hands on the iconic Rainbow Bridge, or Natural Arch.  How fortunate are we that the ever-vigilant State authorities are so busy keeping the dramatic natural features of this pretty great State safe from such evil predators.

Meanwhile, at the Utah State Capitol, homosexual advocates demand "equality".  They argue that anything that can be referred to as "love" is every bit as legitimate as any other specious rationale for State-sanctioned "marriage".  With the intent of demanding normalization for their ironic parody of "marriage", they storm around and stage petulant tantrums.  Prancing parade marchers mock the faith of the pioneer founders of Utah.  Under the complete umbrella of protection by the laws, the few members this deviant lunatic fringe invoke "free speech" rights to promote their deviancy and immorality as "normal" behavior.  All the while spewing derisive slogans justifying their perversion.

Most ironic are the common gutter epithets and slanderous smears with which they characterize their opponents.  And they have the unmitigated temerity to denigrate any attempt to utter a contradictory expression as "hate-speech". 

I am not surprised at the turn of current events.  Such things are bound to happen, in this diverse world.  What I dismay at is the disproportionate response.

On the one hand, we see a major expression of social outrage when some idiots dislodge a rock.  On the other hand, we see minority interest groups vying to overturn major foundational principles of society, that threaten the very future of mankind.  About such an absurd attack on the future welfare of the human race, we hardly hear a whimper.

Difficult to grasp.

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Doug said...

Well put my friend. Out thoughts and feelings are in total lockstep here.