Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Staging a rally

Event Permits

Provo City

Does my event require a Special Events Permit?

  • An event of any size on city property. This would include: parks, parking lots, streets and sidewalks.
  • An event with over 300 in attendance on private property.
Note: There is no guarantee that your event will be approved. It is important you are aware that any fees paid at the time of application will not be refunded due to the cost associated with the necessary approval process.
Permit Fees
[501c3 designation] organizers: $25.00
Application fee for a Level 3 Event: $150.00

Application fee for a Provo City Mass Gathering Permit: included in the Consolidated Fee Ordinance, in
addition to other application fees.

Fees are intended to cover the cost of the event review and are therefore not refunded, even if the event permit cannot be issued


Salt Lake City

Application fees are as follows (no exceptions, no non-profit discounts):
Special Events application fee: $103.70
Free Expression application fee: $5.19
Filming application fee: $103.70
Other fees or costs will be determined based on the event/activity and its impact to the City.  All cost recovery estimates will be provided in advance and payment of the estimate will be required in advance.



Utah Eagle Forum Convention

January 18
8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Salt Lake Radisson Hotel

An impressive program is planned

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