Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gold: A Cautionary Tale


Prompted by discussion about gold, I am reminded of my own exploits searching for that elusive ore.  Many times in wanders about the Wild West I dreamed about stubbing my toe on that big nugget that would make me rich.  I was never selfish or self-centered about my dreaming - I always intended to share the wealth with my friends.

Well, it never has happened, but hope springs eternal - right?  I have found numerous sites with ore that contains bits of that yellow metal, but never was ambitious enough to be a miner.  The most promising was in the mountains of eastern Oregon, which seemed likely because men have already mined in all these spots and carted away.  Mostly it was ore that would cost more to mine and process than the gold yield would be worth.  Anyway, I'm not dead yet, I still have a chance!

Gold stories also remind me of the stories about Bishop Koyle and his prophetic dreams about a fabulous cache of hidden gold in the mountains above Spanish Fork, Utah, details of which were revealed to him directly from the Angel Moroni.

Koyle was excommunicated in 1947, along with a number of his closest friends, but adherents have never abandoned the idea that the Relief Mine will someday bring salvation to the Church.  Many sympathetic stories about Bishop Koyle and his dreams are found at "".

Interestingly enough, Koyles followers persist.  They have amassed a significant enclave in the mountains above Spanish Fork.

Koyle loyalists maintain that Bishop Koyle was tricked into signing a false document repudiating his claims, but then the General Authorities excommunicated him anyway.

Because the General Authorities had consummated their cleverly conceived placard, the Bishop realized that he had been exploited and betrayed. The full impact of what he had done by signing that directive was now clear to him. Under coercion and threats, he had put his trust in the arm of flesh--the General Authorities--and now he suffered the curse. Remorse and regret are the consequences of sin, and now came the Godly sorrow that only repentant sinners know. His grief nearly brought, him to death.

The stalwart followers still believe that the great wealth that still lies hidden in the Relief Mine will come forth at the crises and save the day.  They believe that the American people are to be punished for their great wickedness, and that the body of the Church is in apostasy as they disagree with the inspired prophecies of Bishop Koyle.

Some of them mourn that America is so lost in evil and depravity that they are no longer capable of discerning between what is good or bad.

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