Thursday, October 10, 2013

Home Health Care and Infusion Therapy

Grandma and Tumu

Grandma and Tumu

Grandma intently watching TV

Grandma with Tumu and family

Grandma with Tumu and family

Wife and youngest child

Grandma and Tumu's older child, Tumu administers infusion therapy

Darlene dressing Grandma's PICC line

Darlene taking care of the PICC line

Darlene and her kids come for Trick-or-Treat

An interesting little adventure in the Cobabe household the last couple of weeks.  A chronic and pernicious infection prompted surgical emplacement of a PICC line to deliver high-tech antibiotics.  Home health nurses helped Grandma Cobabe get the stuff she needed to get better.

Darlene was elected to make the early-morning visits.  One morning Grandma and Jim both forgot to wake up, and she was left standing on the front porch at 6:00 AM, waiting in the cold dark morning for someone to answer the door.  I finally heard the doorbell ringing, and dragged myself out of bed.  Grandma was sleeping so sound, she didn't even roll over when the bell rang, and I had to go give her a shake to roll out of bed.

We especially enjoyed twice daily visits from Tumu.   He brought his family with him to visit on Conference Sunday.  Grandma had fun playing with the kids.

Visitors to the Cobabe home always enjoy the family apple tree wall hanging quilt.  It has an apple for all the Cobabe kids and grandkids, beautiful handicraft by Valerie.

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