Thursday, October 10, 2013

Historic Zionista Gathering in Provo

A small and brief but happy convocation of several Zion list members.  Bob and Rusty were in town for General Conference, come down from the north country in Washington.  Family from California showed up at the door at the Cobabe home the night before, and were included in the gathering at Tucanos Brazillian Barbeque.  Truly heavenly food and Celestial-class company.  A good time was had by all.

 The places laid in anticipation...

 Bob and Trevor prepare to dig in
 Rusty is put in charge of the handy signalling device that summons the server to our table to replenish our plates

 Bob enjoys the mango ice cream concoction while the others smile

Bob did generously offer to share a taste, and Rusty took him up on it, but two of the others in the group finally broke down and ordered their own

Jim Cobabe, Mary Cobabe, Rusty Taylor
David Norris and friend Ann, and Trevor Holyoak, our ever-gracious host

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