Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Home Videos

Video clips from Bill Cobabe Family home movies, around 1970...
No small inkling of what each of us was destined to become.

Mary and Kathy pirouette, Jim scampers
Note the '57 Chevy that speeds by in the background

Mary models a new outfit
Tom poses in someone else's underpants

Sand Dune Park
Bill swings away
Grandpa Norris takes a slide

Tom's new cardigan (smart enough to ditch the stupid bow tie!)
Jim in new jacket
Mary and Kathy
new wardrobe and coiffure
reflect true elegance and style

Mary, Kathy, Jim, Bill, Tom
Bill pushes Tom down the stairs
but helps him up

Tom stalking something in the Irises

Princess Patricia models a new outfit
Swimming at Cobabe apartments in Redondo

Kathy's birthday at the park
The baby must be - Cindy
Tom kidnaps an empty stroller

Dad and Grandpa Norris 
Toting the station wagon pad
As usual, Jim takes a backward approach on the slide

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