Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trial by Tee-shirt

Yes, it probably is.

One thing stood out in Eric Samuelson's dramatic review of the George Zimmerman trial coverage.  Samuelson wrote,
I am frightened for our country.  I thought it was a good thing in our country when we elected a Black man as President.  When I saw photos of Tea Party rallies with men wearing T shirts that read ‘Keep the White House White,’ I thought it was just a minor thing, a vestigial remnant of our bad ‘ol past.
My first impression was that it seems somewhat odd, to judge such an important issue on a basis as trivial as a tee-shirt slogan.  So I went to the Internet to verify the availability of such slogans.  Surely something so regarded as representative should be easy to find on Google search.

Sure enough, someone captured a photo of the infamous tee-shirt.

Such things are certainly not any kind of anachronism.  They're being sold today across the Internet.

Just a little aside to Eric - perhaps you will note that the shirt itself designates this as a "Romney/Ryan" campaign event, not a Tea Party rally. And it seems to be one man wearing the tee-shirt in question, not a whole cadre.  Please pay better attention.  Details such as these might be important.

But as I searched for tee-shirt themes, I came across quite a diversity of interesting examples of the tee-shirt slogan mentality.

This one is a very nice example.

And this one comes across with a certain style that leaves little to the imagination.

Unfriendly tee-shirt slogans certainly seem to be something to be feared!

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