Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Such an appropriate new theme song, dedicated to the poor dears at "Feminist Mormon Housewives", home of the angry - and tired - activists with diapers to change.  I thought this was particularly fitting, since the only real shared premise for feminist women seems to be their complaints about men.

Bless their little hearts...

Here I stand, the goddess of Desire,
Set men on fire.
I have this power.

Morning noon and night it's dwink and dancing,
Some quick womancing,
And then a shower.

Stage door johnnies constantly suwound me,
They always hounds me,
With one request.

Who can satisfy their lustful habits?
I'm not a wabbit!
I need some reee....st.

I'm tired,
Sick and tired of love.
I've had my fill of love,
From below and above.

 Tired of being admired.
Tired of love uninspired.
Let's face it,
I'm tired!

I've been with thousands of men,
Again and again,
They pwomise the moon.

They're always coming and going,
And going and coming -
And always too soon!
Right girls?

I'm tired,
Tired of playing the game,
Ain't it a cwying shame?
I'm so tired - dammit I'm exhausted!

[Running Dialogue..]

 Tired of playing the game.
Ain't it a cwying shame,
I'm so tired!

She's tired,
Sick and tired of love. (Give her a break!)
She's had her fill of love. (She's not a snake!)
From below and above. (Can't you see, she's sick!)

Tired, (She's bushed!)
Tired of being admired. (Let her alone!)
Tired of love uninspired. (Get off the phone!)
She's tired. (Don't you know she's pooped!)

I've been with thousands of men,
Again and again.
They sing the same tune.

They start with Byron and Shelly,
Then jump on your belly,
And bust your balloon!

Tired of playing the game,
Ain't it a fwiggin' shame?
I'm so...

Let's face it -
Everything below the waist is kaput!

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