Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tilting at Windmills

Windmill hazard

Windmill power poses some unique hazards of its own.  The generators are not maintenance-free.  The technology is expensive, though it has been subsidized by the government up to this point. 

Some say the honeymoon is over for wind power investment.  Natural gas powered plants are much more economical.  Yes, the wind is "free", but the initial investment in infrastructure is so substantial that amortizing over the life of a wind power facility still results in a net loss, absent the government subsidy.

One wind power authority said, "We're a big supporter of wind, but at the time when customers have the greatest needs, it's typically not available."  Obviously, wind generators can only be productive when there happens to be wind.  But the customer demand for power does not coincide with wind fluctuations.

Another take on wind power, from a journalist in the UK - windmills wreak havoc on creatures that fly.

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