Monday, June 10, 2013

Feminist Battle Hero Figurines


Feeling despondent over the "Feminist Mormon Housewives" rejection of my observations regarding the unique nature of human female genetics, I offer something that may cater to less cerebral tastes in that forum.

I see that one of the latest threads in that forum is entitled "What Do Women Want?", paraphrasing Sigmund Freud. His question was actually,  "What does a woman want?", but the paraphrase was adequate for the purpose of denigrating him, I suppose.

I am aware of a market for a specific genre of "mommy porn" erotica and "adult toys" that seem to appeal to this mentality.  This latest offering somehow seems related.  It has to do with role-playing fantasies involving female figures.

Although women of epic heroism have long been legendary, it appears that there is now a specific marketing niche catering to those tastes.  Women have always been rather soft targets for a marketing approach that appeals to vanity and ego.  This particular twist appears to be an instant hit with females of such inclination.

The marketing blurb asserts, "She may be anatomically odd, but she's been kicking some serious space butt."  Just the thing for the latest in feminist fashions.  Now if they could only produce figurines rendered in plastic that display oversized anatomically correct genitalia, they'd almost certainly be a big hit with the feminazis...  :-)

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