Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snail Hollow: The pervert magnet?

 Here he is, in all his glory!  This boy is NAKED as a JAY!  Must be preparing to go "skinny dipping".  The original naturist!

Are you tittilated yet?

Sorry, for those of you who were searching so hopefully, this is NOT the place to find your naked pictures to thrill over.  Go somewhere else to get your jollies, please!
Should I feel happy that the biggest draw to my blog is from people searching for my story about naked people, "boys skinny dipping" in the Hot Pots at Diamond Fork?

Since Google started offering tracking services, I can see that my blog's biggest attraction caters to pedophile pervs looking for naked pictures.

Abandon all hope.  The world is going to Hell in a Handbasket!

One thing I'd like to add to this:  Perverts, go somewhere else!  I don't want you here, and am not catering anything to your tastes.  If naked boy pictures are what you choose to love, you don't belong on MY blog!


Jim Cobabe said...

Let's not misunderstand this. Nothing about naked bodies offends me. Just not that interested any more.

Why should my blog cater to depraved tastes?

On the other hand, why should I allow actions of others to dictate what I should feel moved to discuss?

Jim Cobabe said...

Note that there is some evidence from the Google tracking that my blog entry is somehow attractive to pedophiles. This is something that meets with my unequivocal disapproval.

Jim Cobabe said...

Perhaps this is just punishment for my long-forgotten lust for pornography. Not that I believe that God, or the world, work quite that way. I wish I could banish that thought, but the suspicion keeps coming back, like a bad nightmare. It scares me.