Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Is this really LDS Liberty?


I'm engaged in a controversy with an internet group, calling themselves "LDS Liberty".  I think they are promulgating some false doctrine, and would prefer that they cease immediately.  Individual Church members are welcome to form their own opinions on any subject, whatever interests them.  But when they begin teaching their opinions as the "true" doctrine, I think it is time for some correction.

 Below is the correspondence I have thus far exchanged.  I will compile my complaints about their teaching and forward it to my bishop.

Open Letter to JC Bollers and LDS Liberty Group,

Dear JC,

This only delays the inevitable. As I recall, when I
attempted to discuss issues of concern, you said you didn't have time. Maybe you can make time to talk with priesthood leaders.

I don't make threats. I sorry you reacted this way. We could have settled this more peacefully. But apparently its more important to you to preserve
pride and ambition.

You and your group can continue to promulgate your errant opinions. But I think perhaps not as church members and priesthood holders.

This is a very slow process. Be patient, but have no doubt. It is in the works. If you want to speed it up, you might want to go ahead and contact your bishop and present your side of the explanation.


On 10/02/2012 09:17 AM, Facebook wrote:
> facebook
> JC Bollers mentioned you in a comment.
> JC wrote: "Jim Cobabe? "What's going on"? seriously? Man I don't want to know you. thanks for the nice ecclesiastical threat. We do nothing here not in harmony with the church and we kick out apostates while supporting the brethren."

JC Bollers next comment: "Do your children want to know you? I certainly don't. Jim Cobabe, find something positive to live for. You're hurting and not in a good place. I feel it. I'm gonna cut you loose and let you think and try not to have bad feelings for you."


I'm sorry if you have bad feelings. I suppose that is a consequence of rebellion and apostasy. Your group claims to be against secret combination, while they practice their private version of "worship". My first impression was that you were re-enacting some specious parody of the Zoramite Rameumtom. But some of you are apparently serious, and drawing faithful church members after your false teachings. This is not the order of the Lord's church.

I was trying to talk with this guy, so he cut me off. I'd rather not escalate the matter, but I have no other alternative. I think he and his group are promulgating false doctrine. I'm referring a complaint to my bishop, since he refused to disclose information about his own.

I'd like to let him know what I'm doing, since I don't think there is any secret about it.

Its not up to us to judge. The bishop is the common judge in Israel, and will decide what to do with this. I think perhaps a letter of warning from his local church leaders would suffice for the time.
it makes me feel sad. JC Bollers was in my Boy Scout troop when I was the scoutmaster in Alabama. Its just heartbreaking to see.

I'm not excluding anyone I love. I draw a circle and take him in. But we are obligated to warn the church that it is under attack from within.
 love. I draw a circle and take him in. But we are obligated to warn the church that it is under attack from within.

Here is an example of what they are publishing.  They have no qualms about accusing Mitt Romney of being deceiving, implying that he is a false prophet.   This is a play on LDS scripture.

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a little music said...

I love Mitt. He was my bishop, and I feel like he is such a good man. I wish people who don't even know him would not malign him in such a way. That is just malicious and ugly.