Thursday, October 04, 2012

General apostasy everywhere (except for US GOOD GUYS)

Here is another discussion typical of LDS Liberty.  Their belief is:
  • the general body of the church is in apostasy 
  • except themselves, of course.  
  • the only true church is apostate
  • except themselves, of course
  • Isaiah writes all about this
  • Avraham Gileadi is intimidated
  • he "reports" being an Isaiah expert
  • nobody should be concerned about being "cast out"
  • ELITES intimidate church authorities with the threat of murder
  • authorities and ELITES are "in cahotz"
  • Mormons are brainwashed and delusional
  • but she loves them
  • there is a curse on Ephraim
  • but it ended in 1996
  • we must study and learn these things on our own
  • church leaders are drunk and blind
  • Temple ceremonies are Masonic rites
  • it is a good thing to write letters to everyone
  • even though they ask her not to
  • the Jews are Israel, the covenant people
  • some mixed-up babbling  about the Sealed Book of Isaiah
  • revealed to her in an inspired podcast
  • who will teach these things if she doesn't
  • on and on, too many arbitrary things to mention
  • you get the gist...

Good morning. Thomas and Leona are asking me for specifics about the LDS church and its apostasy.

Before I say anything, I would like to make it very clear that:

1] I believe the LDS church is the only true church on earth, with great truths and blessings, with the restored priesthood authority and that Isaiah writes about this church in particular as being apostate in the last days. Avraham Gileadi, who reports to be an Isaiah expert, does his best to highlight the issues, but refrains from making pointed remarks towards the LDS church, because he is afraid of being cast out again. But no one should be afraid of being cast out, as Brigham Young has already addressed this issue of latter day saints who know certain sins of the church speaking up and being cast out. Those saints do not lose their membership in the true Kingdom, but find themselves in a little boat with our Master Messiah, while the Old Ship Zion continues to go in the wrong direction, never making it to the celestial goal.

2] I believe there is a true Temple endowment ceremony, but that it has within it, masonic rites that originated in the basement of King Solomon's Temple and he got those from his Egyptian wives, of whom were not given to him. Scriptures state that Solomon sinned. I believe for everything holy, there is a counterfeit. I believe the ELITES in this world have power over the leaders of our church and if they speak up, they will be murdered. This is an absolute 100% surety. What the ELITES are afraid of is a rising number of saints dispersed throughout the world, who come to realize that the LDS church leadership is in cahotz with the ELITES, as they are under duress.

3] I love all Mormons. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the organization and framework of the church and have a high opinion of Mormons who work hard and are loyal. My complaint though, is that they are too loyal to their leaders, they use the church as more of a social club and they do not look past what their leaders tell them and have grown lazy. This is the majority of Mormons and not the minority. I think Mormons are brainwashed and delusional concerning many issues and are not thinkers, because they fear if they 'think' they will lose their salvation. So let me assure those who are afraid....a decision made by unrighteous dominion is NOT binding on earth or in heaven, as our Heavenly Father is NOT a liar. If we lean on our leaders in this 'good old boy' club for our direction, we will fall with them.

4] We must study on our own and learn truths that have been coming forth since 1996 due to the curse of 2730 years ending upon Ephraim. Our leaders have been unable to teach us, as they are drunk and blinded according to Isaiah. Here is a podcast, sharing these truths that we need to learn, while we continue to ingather as many Jews and Gentiles into the proper baptism for their salvation. The wheat are with the tares and we are not to leave the church, but lift our voices and if we are ex'd for doing so, we do not lose our salvation. But if we do not lift our voices when we know truth, we will be considered a wicked and lazy servant. When the end of the times of the Gentiles arrives, the times of the Jews will begin. I tell you the truth, there is a HUGE remnant of Jacob who know their Hebrew Roots, who began awakening to truths they had been without since 1996, and they will be unblinded to the role of Joseph at the END of the times of the Gentiles and they are going to trample upon Mormonism doctrines that are not accurate and build the New Jerusalem. They do not have 'one up' on Mormons, as Mormons have the true baptism and authority, but once their eyes are opened divinely in Isaiah 29's marvelous work and wonder, we all need to be warned, that they will arise in glory, as they are Israel, the covenant people who are about to be remembered.

  • Jeremy Nicoll There is a lot of evidence that the Freemasons actually made it up themselves, since they probably originated somewhere around the 12th century.
  • Garrett Soelberg Interesting shoshan! these type conversations will continue to flourish and people will have to make some tough decisions. Decisions that will require personal inspiration and revelation.
  • Shoshan Rose @Garrett, agreed. How many times have we been told that a test a test a test is coming to the Lord's people. What is that test? It has to do with the words of Isaiah. Will we continue to listen to men who report to lead us in all truths, or will we think for ourselves. It is a line upon line process and we have not been taken line upon line, as another MASSIVE line came in 1996, which has been skipped over due to blindedness of the leaders. Yet a few in the church did awake and began to be confused and probably left the church. But there is no need to leave our Firstborn role, just because the leaders are blinded. In fact, we should ingather with all our might and speak up about the apostasy within the church until we are ex'd. I meet with my Bishop regularly, write to the Stake Presidency and First Presidency of the church in Utah. For this, I get told NOT to write them, NOT to teach things they do not teach, but I tell them, if I do not highlight the errors, who will? It is left up to the few.
  • Robin Leota I'm one of the blind, I'm sure. What was 1996?

If you can make any sense out of this, you're better than I.  Incredible.  Just beyond weird,  This is like "The TRUTH is OUT THERE" kind of stuff!


a little music said...

I think she has Turret's syndrome - ie. "a test a test a test". Interesting, though, I've never seen in manifest in print. This may be something for the books.

Jim Cobabe said...


I don't know what she has, but she's not alone. I told my bishop about this group last night, and he assured me that I was doing the right thing. He apparently has faced the dilemma about what to do in such cases himself.