Thursday, September 17, 2009

Living Notes 3

I have not posted for a while....Sorry. I apologize to those regular readers who anticipate something meaningful. I have had a hard time finding it of late. Need some help.

The man I trusted to do business with has withheld money that I must now argue in court to try to win back, more than nine thousand dollars. It is not my money -- most of it is owed to my employees. But the whole affair bores me. Thievery is so stupid, cheating is infantile, and ultimately leads to a sad end.

My physical condition continues fairly static. I note little progress on the stationary bike, or the treadmill. I am holding my own -- that's all.

We are make progress collecting firewood for the winter, not that I am much help in that endeavor. The stack on the front porch is about twenty percent of ready. Let the cold weather begin. I welcome the snow. At least it will bring a change. I'm looking forward to it. Fall colors are beginning to sow some impresive hues all around the valley.

Seasons change...


Patricia said...


I stop by briefly most days, looking for you ...

How disappointing about your business situation. One thing I appreciate about the gospel is that while it might not always prevent misfortunes like this from occuring, it provides us with good material for dealing with them when they do. The attitude you express toward thievery is very interesting and, I think, intelligent and balanced. Especially impressive--that is, it makes an impression on me--considering all you've been through.

SE Utah runs behind Snail Hollow toward the gates of autumn, but one of the signs I look for that the winds, rains, and leaves are about to change is whether or not Jim's talking about wood gathering.

Much more reliable that Mr. Groundhog's (or in my case, Mr. Prairie Dog's) shadow.

Patricia said...

How's it going, Jim?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Jim Cobabe said...


Still here. My dad is hospitalized with some health problems, so I have not been on the blog too much.

Stay well...

Patricia said...

I am staying well, Jim, thank you. So far. Worried about possible effects of the upcoming flu season on my own family--especially since I'm working on a college campus again--but so far, clear sailing.

I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. It sounds like things might be tough. When might he be released from the hospital?

Very best regards, Jim. Please keep in touch, when possible.