Friday, August 07, 2009

Living Notes 2

It is getting more difficult to find something interesting to say.

Not that I find my life boring. I do, sometimes--but that is beside the point. The point being that we have something of mutual interest to share. I take upon myself the obligation to find that something, that particular something, and to write about it. My writing is somewhat of a cathartic remedy--it affords an opportunity for me to express myself, and perhaps to even whine a little. Oh, but not too much. Too much whining is boring to you and depressing to me. So I refrain.
Sufficient to say, I am in a holding pattern -- I am handicapped from stroke damage and shark attacks, but the treatment is keeping these under control. For now.

I am dealing with the mentally unstable condition. Other things are bothersome but not fatal. COME WHAT MAY!

It is worth mentioning that last night, we had a visit from my bishop and stake president. It turned out to be more than a social call. They want me to do a job for the stake. I accepted the invitation to serve, with gladness. I have missed the job of working as the assistant clerk, because I could rub shoulders with some fine people in the ward. Anyway, at least they didn't ask me to be a new bishop or something. More on this later...

I have been performing adequately at PT workouts, but improvements are difficult to assess. Near as I can judge, I am about at the halfway mark as far as fitness and agility are concerned. It is tough to keep on going, three times per week, but I try not to miss...

I am measuring slight changes in sensory capacity, but whether these are real or imagined, the difference is too subtle to measure objectively. One thing I can tell is that I have more sensory definition in feeling my face and forehead. There may be slightly more sensitivity in my abdomen, but the skin still has some areas of numbness, so it is hard to tell. Legs are like posts still. Right foot has lost some ground in the sensory map--there are new areas of dead-feeling skin on the toes not noticed before. Oh, well. Gain some, lose some...

Next instalment:  Living the Life 5


Grandma Cobabe said...

I have noticed that you are doing more physical things.That is a good sign.
Another thing that I have noticed is that no one makes any comments on the super talks you post.I always think these talks are meant right for me in many ways. Thanks for posting them. Mom

Patricia said...


I always appreciate your updates because you're an important friend and I like knowing what you're up to. There's good news here, and that brings me cheer.

Also, witnessing someone else make the long haul with such spirit gives me a bit of a boost in making mine. I understand it's hard and at times dispiriting to be fighting you way constantly through the challenges. But it's good for people -- including this people -- to see it can be done.

Jim Cobabe said...


Nobody comments but a few people read. I track what people read on the blog. Inexplicably, by far the most popular post was the one where I wrote about people swimming naked in Diamond Fork. Go figure. But a few do read my general conference summaries. They are mostly for me, I think. I get to know the counsel of the church so much better by reviewing all the talks.

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks, as someone who faces challenges of your own, I always like it to share your invaluable insight. Always welcome here.