Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reiterating: Temper Tantrums

Like I said, I have them too...

I remember one of mom's expressions " mad I could spit!"

But mom is not alone with this problem. I recall one sister who stormed off to her room on a regular basis, trailing the refrain, "...I'm Never gonna love you again, Never Ever, Never!!!"

To be concluded by the slamming of the bedroom door with an energy and vigor that would shake the dust and shiver the whole house.

Peculiar to this family is the internal antagonism that characterizes family groups. but an expectation that we should somehow be different. A strange idea. We ought to be better.

We remember things from early childhood rather selectively, I suppose. Any suggestion can direct memory to be positive or negative, depending on the particular chosen bias.

Let others comment about their own experience. Each has their own perspective.

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