Friday, May 15, 2009

Utah Places: Timpanogos Cave

Timpanogos Cave is one place that everyone should visit, at least once. The hike to get there is a short but strenuous one. Almost anyone that can walk should be able to make the trek. It is worth the exertion.

There are a lot of good links for further info...

National Park Service


Patricia said...

This is one of those places to which I lived close enough that I was able to say, every year, "There's always next year." One thing or another kept "next year" from being "the year."

I regret not getting my kids up there before we moved; now they probably won't make it unless they go to BYU or something.

I have fond feelings for Maple Flats and the backside of the Wasatch Front Mountains between Rock Canyon and Slate Canyon. I used to hike up there alone, going up one canyon or another, slipping around the back, drinking at the tapped springs (there are two going up from Slate), walking through the wildflowers and aspens.

Jim Cobabe said...


Rock Canyon is the frequent destination for BYU fitness nuts and rock climbers now. The path is asphalt-paved or hard packed gravel. Not much sense of wild left there any more. The road that runs around the north face to the west on Timp, starting at Timpanooke Campground, is a better bet for a great adventure.

Don´t give up on the cave tour, either. Something might happen that will bring it within your possibilities. Never can tell.

Jim Cobabe said...


Another tour that might be practical now is Cascade Springs. The flowers will be blooming shortly. The area is accessible for handicapped thanks to construction of many redwood walkways built around the pools and springs. It is a glorious sight, when the Mimulus is in blossom.

Patricia said...

I've been to Cascade---beautiful, serene. There's something about the paths that give you the feeling of walking on water.

Down here in San Juan County, the cliffrose is approaching full bloom. Great pools of fragrance fill the desert air, and at night, when I'm out on the back porch pushing my special needs kid in her wheelchair, the air is redolent with it, even though the nearest bushes are about half a mile or more away. The cactuses are blooming, all kinds of cool stuff. The globe mallows in my yard are hitting their peak.

Oh! The county weed guy missed a patch of knapweed, so we still have that to contend with. I called him, hopefully we'll put an end to that in our yard soon. The bigger patches are dead.