Friday, May 15, 2009

Utah Places: Pittsburgh Lake

Why would you want any place else? There is serenity and freedom in this place -- no noisy neighbors to play their rock music too loud. Just fluffy white clouds drifting by, reflected in the untroubled placid waters collected so recently from fresh snowmelt.

Access to Pittsburgh Lake basin by crossing the American Fork above Tibble Fork Reservoir. There is an old mining trail that is fairly decent for 4wd or ATV, but don´t try this without serious consideration about getting back. Take along spares, ćuz you might use them.

The 4-Runner makes it easy, but I´m not sure about Jeep types. Might like lockers -- tends to be slippery muddy in spots. If you´re boots-on-the-ground, thats okay too. It is a nice hike. As you can see from the photo, typical Wasatch unspoiled beauty.

Don´t forget some DEET. Some things come at a price. Lots of mosquitos.

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Jim Cobabe said...

Come prepared to hike -- the road has been closed by our USFS friends.