Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Toxic Shock?

Toxic Shock Syndrome.... as well as other kinds of horrific shock!

Darrin proceeded to collapse after the grad ceremony, and has been in the hospital since he had a black-out episode at home, shortly thereafter.

He has a skin rash and fever, but the doctors were not too certain what to make of it. The initial diagnosis was scarlatina, which generally responds pretty well to certain antibiotic treatments. Becky suggests that it sounds more like toxic shock symptoms. Apparently, either type more or less directly results from some kind of systemic strep or staph bacterial infection. The specific treatment may depend on how testing shows that cultures respond to specific anibiotoics. As the case may be, I´m certain his attending knows more than I do about what Darrin might be suffering from.

Anyway, after initial stabilization, they tranferred him from Castle Valley in Price to Utah Valley in Provo. He has a medical team of doctors and nurses in attendance, and if they should miss a beat, Ruth is there to catch them. Castle Valley is an adequate facility, but the resources are limited there. UVRMC is a better place for critical care, and the staff will be sure that Darrin gets the care he needs now.

Our most fervent prayers and best wishes to Darrin and family. I am sorrowful when I know that any suffer, and I know this is a trying time for them.


Please get well soon, and recover fully. Your family needs you, here and now, all of us.


Jim Cobabe said...


BTW, I sent the wireless keyboard and mouse, but forgot to put in the receiver! My bad. They won´t work without it. Just leave them in the case.


Patricia said...

Darrin and Ruth,

Sending very best wishes, prayers, hopes your way for full and timely recovery.

a little music said...

Thanks anyway, Jim. Darrin's Dr. suggests he may get to come home tomorrow. My hope springs eternal . . .

Patricia - Thank you so much for your prayers - they have been deeply felt. You can't imagine the miracles that have taken place. There are truly angels among us.

Love to all -


Jim Cobabe said...


I have the receiver sitting here on my desk. It needs to work together with the keyboard and mouse -- makes a laptop decent to use -- but I don´t know how to bring it to you.

a little music said...

Jim - No worries. I'll probably just drop it off at Cindy's when I go in next time to see Darrin, or when he finally gets to come home, whichever comes first (I'm praying for him to come home first). I figure with how crazy things are for me right now, you'll probably get by Cindy's before you'll get out here or I'll get out there so I can return it to you. I do appreciate your kindness, though.

Obviously Darrin didn't get to come home today. A new symptom popped up yesterday, so they kept him another day. Maybe tomorrow . . .

Jim Cobabe said...


Use the machine as long as you like -- it is kinda extra around here anyway. But do come and get the wireless receiver. The wireless keyboard and mouse make it almost nice to use. I can´t see how I got by without.