Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Million Dollar Baby

I watched this film today and it left disturbing questions unanswered.

The film is about the humane touch of boxing in the midst of blood and brutality. Morgan Freeman plays a part in the film, and sometimes narrates in the background, as if telling the story through recollections of the past. Ultimately, the plot comes down to euthanasia. Clint Eastwood finally decides that life on a respirator is not what his star boxer would want, and he pulls the plug on her, and she dies. End of story.

Very sad.

Very real scenario for me to face personally.

What is the worth of a life that is artificially supported? I have already asked myself that question, many times. What you decide is up to you. But it may be something any of us could face, any day. Impossible to predict.

What protection do we have against being held captive against our own wishes by medical technology?

On the one hand, there are artificial breathing apparatus, intubation devices, so-called heroic measures.

And on the other, there are living wills, DNR orders, and bureaucratic measures.

Nothing is certain...

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Limasa Family said...

I can see why this would be a troubling movie for you. It troubles me as well, which is why I have never watched it all the way through. My sensitive heart could never take it.