Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Reunion: chapter three

Time for the next chapter. After listening to spiritual promptings to call my long lost father, then having some good telephone conversations, and a positive first meeting, we were off to a promising start. We also made some ground rules to add a solid foundation to our relationship.

Following the initial leap of faith, and re-constructing a bond of mutual trust, love, and respect, it was time to move forward to another step of progress. Since you can't have much real privacy in a restaurant, due to time constraints, ordering and eating food, visits from the waiter/waitress, and the overall dull roar, the best choice is visiting at home. We made arrangements to come to hideaway valley to visit at my grandparents home.

Just finding their' home for the first time was a bit of an adventure. They live off the beaten path to say the least. Not to mention this was early December, and the threat of a blizzard is very real, considering the elevation of their' home is about 6500 ft. Of course, having lived in Alaska for two years, there's not going to be anything I haven't seen or dealt with before.

It is also worth noting, that cell phone service is basically unavailable once you leave Spanish Fork and head down US 6, and then onto US 89. We circumvented this issue by calling when we were about an hour away, and having my dad meet us by the highway to lead us the rest of the way. We made our way down, despite some snow and wind, until we saw my dad waiting in his' trusty old Toyota 4runner. He warned that the roads were really bad, but I assured him that as long as the road was wide enough, my 4x4 Dodge Ram will do just fine. Despite nearly a foot of mostly unplowed roads, we made it with no trouble at all.

Wow! The place sure had changed since I saw it last. They were just building it back in '93 and now it is finished and very nice. It's two stories tall, yellow with a black roof. My grandma likes yellow. On the main floor is a kitchen and dining room on the east side, and the master bedroom and great room to the west side. There is an amazing stone fireplace with a pot belly stove, used to heat the whole house. Upstairs is two more large bedrooms, and storage space. The front and back porches are great too, the are covered and run the length of the home. Close to the home, is a garage, half of which has been converted to an apartment where my dad lives.

We had another excellent visit, and made plans to attend the family Christmas party. The party was held at the Lds meeting house on Canyon road in Provo, near to my uncle Carl's home. At the party, I saw a lot of people that we had not seen in a long time. Now, it's been while, but I do remember seeing Carl and Cindy and their' kids, also Darren and Ruth and their' kids, as well as Rick and Beth and their' kids. Of course my dad and grandparents were there as well. It was a fun time, despite the fact that the church felt as warm as a glacier! Oh well. There were a few other people there as well, but I don't recall who they were.

Over the next few months, we visited both in hideaway valley, and a few restaurants in Utah county. We hosted them at my in-laws place in West Jordan, simply because it is much larger than our home. There was a brief pause in our relationship when my dad and his' friend Ricky started a work project in Milford Flats, and his' parents went on a trip to Minnesota. My dad was also quite busy doing firefighter training and serving as ward clerk and with the cub scouts.
Not that we had any problems, just a busy time in life. Well, that's it for chapter three.

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Grandma Cobabe said...

Rob words could not be found to explain my Joy in seeing you again. Your wife is so wonderful. we loved her immediately. We were so happy to meet her parents also. They are lovely people.No wonder she is so sweet.You could tell there is lots of love in her family. I could also see how Staci loves you..Thanks for writing on this blog. It has not been very long since I did not even know what a Blog was. Stay happy and keep writing. Love Grandma Cobabe

LivingstonClan said...

I was there at Christmas time too! Just a little nervous to come talk to you I guess, and busy chasing around my crazy kids. I hope to get another opportunity to see you again soon, and maybe we can both vow not to be scared to talk to each other! Been a long time, but that just gives us more to talk about--right?

Grandma Cobabe said...

Rob Your Dad will be home tomorrow. I am not sure of the time.I will have him call you. Love Grandma