Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Temple Worthiness

Temple worthiness is determined by the candidate, together with the bishop or branch president, and by a member of the stake or mission presidency, after they interview the person who is applying for a temple recommend. The requirements are straightforward:
* Be morally clean
* Sustain the Prophet as the only one on earth authorized to exercise all priesthood keys
* Live according to the standards of the Church
* Have no unresolved sins
* Be honest
* Be an active member in good standing
* Pay a full tithe
* Have a righteous relationship within the family
* Sustain local and general Church leaders
* Keep the Word of Wisdom
* Have no apostate affiliations
Is this a beginning, an ending, or merely a comma? Is there more, or is that all there is for me to declare myself ¨temple worthy¨?

After I was divorced, I obsessed about this question endlessly. Other people called into doubt my legitimacy to hold a recommend, though I had gone though the proper process to obtain one. At one point I was carrying enough mental angst that I tore up my recommend and resolved never to return to the temple.

I have since rethought that foolish and distraught resolution. I cannot allow anyone to deprive me of sacred blessings I stand so in need of, and cannot obtain anywhere else.

I recognize that every effort of the adversary will be exerted to keep me from the Lord´s house. No matter, I will obey the Lord´s commands, not the self-righteous sniping of some ever unhappy gossips. Those who seek to keep us from obtaining those blessings would do well to consider the probable motives behind such actions. I would advise all such to get out of those circumstances as quickly as possible. It should not be a comfortable spot, in that great and spacious building, I think.

My church leaders and I determined honestly that I can serve worthily in the temple. That is the only judgement that matters.

All else is just as the sound of wind blowing across the empty desert -- it means nothing.


Jim Cobabe said...

Casting aspersions or doubts about my personal worthiness to serve in the temple might be best directed to the bishop, Marty Hall of the Indianola Ward, or the stake president, President Arnoldson of North Sanpete Stake. Any and all with anonymous complaints are welcome to contact either of these priesthood leaders.

achick47 said...

Jim, I agree you are worthy of a Temple Recommend. If you can carry those things God has seen fit to give you and still live a worthy life, no man has the right to judge you. They are trying to place themselves before God. Only He knows what is in your heart. I only know you through this blog, but I soooo respect and admire you. You struggle as all men do here on earth , however you do live a goodly life and deserve every blessing you may get at the Temple. I am sure I am not the only one who see's this. Your Texas friend,Angel

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks for the sincere vote of confidence. It is nice to hear that other people think the same.

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

First, I thought I was your Texas friend... I guess I will have to settle for Texas nephew... ;-)

The more I learn about the Church and the gospel, the more I am convinced that we spend too much time wallowing in doubt and self-loathing. With just a dash of self-pity thrown in to mix things up. King Benjamin wanted us to dwell not on our misdeeds but to repent of them and to dwell moreover on the blessed and happy state of those who strive to keep the commandments. As I have given these questions to a number of people, I have come to understand that it has more to do with our personal feeling of worthiness than anything else. That's why the last question is if we consider ourselves worthy... It's also probably the one that most people struggle with the most... I always tell people that I feel they are worthy, too. If someone can look me in the eye and say they feel worthy to go to the temple, I think they are. God expects perfection because He knows it's possible. He also knows we will never achieve it in this life. But He ALSO knows that it's in the struggles, in the refining fire of adversity, that we prove ourselves to ourselves. He's not surprised when we struggle or when we fail - He sent His Son for us for that very reason. We shouldn't feel guilty about causing suffering in the Garden - we should feel blessed that He did it for us.

FWIW - I have always admired you and consider myself lucky to be related to you in any capacity. I also believe you to be worthy to enter the Lord's House. You are because you say you are, and that's good enough for me.

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks for sharing your special insight. Surely, Texas is big enough to share with a few friends! I´d like to think more than one can reside there. Not to worry, in any case. You and your dear family always have a place in my heart.