Friday, April 10, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Well, I have them too.

I'm pretty sure I inherited the tendency from my mother. She gets so angry at times.

I remember one of her expressions " mad I could spit!"

But mom is not alone with this problem. I recall one sister who stormed off to her room on a regular basis, trailing the refrain, "...I'm Never gonna love you again, Never Ever, Never!!!"

To be concluded by the slamming of the bedroom door with an energy and vigor that would shake the dust and shiver the whole house.

Peculiar to this family is the internal antagonism that characterizes family groups. but an expectation that we should somehow be different. A strange idea. We ought to be better.

We remember things from early childhood rather selectively, I suppose. Any suggestion can direct memory to be positive or negative, depending on the particular chosen bias.

Let my sons comment about their experience in Tennessee, hiking in the wilderness.


Limasa Family said...

Oh boy do I have a temper!!! I think this runs in the blood of every man and woman on earth ;)

I think every generation should be better than the last, in every way. So I am going to strive to not be so mad I could spit... at least not as often as Grandma :-D

Grandma Cobabe said...

Dearest Kristina, I am sitting here laughing and crying at the same time,
I do want all to know that I rarely SPIT!!!! When I see all the football players spitting on TV I think how gross it is. Particularly when you think that some player is going to fall face down in it. GROSS!!!
I remember when we stood looking over The glen Canyon Damn and Tom spit just to see how far he could watch it fallin.. Funny memeory.
When I was a much younger person and I would lose my temper at my children--or my husband--- I always went in my room and shut the door and cried, because I was so ashamed of myself for yelling at them.
I hated that as a child my mother yelled at everyone a lot. I vowed that I would never yell at my husband or children when I grew up and had a family.Somehow you end up doing some things that you never thot you would do.I was always so dissapointed at my self when I lost control. I suppose that is why I am crying now because I never wanted my children to have such memories of their mother
I had always planned in my childhood plans that I would get Married tomy Dream husband---which I did really---- then we would live in a little white cottage with green shutters at the windows and it wiukd be surrounded by a white picket fence and roses would be blooming all over the Picket fence.My children would all be perfect and They would all be clean and beautiful and sweet and everyone would adore and love them as much as I did.The house and yard would always be tidy and clean and all would live in joy and security there.
Well sometimes it was almost that good. I did find that I liked yellow houses the best. Never did have a white one or a picket fence.Some of our childhood plans it turned out do not really matter so much except that they give you lofty goals.I do love all my children and all those terrific Grand children and fabulous Great Grand children. Each generation seems to get better and better,So even if I did yell at some sometimes I cried 1000 tears of shame for every yell. Tons of love to all, Grandma Cobabe

Limasa Family said...

I don't think anybody's life turns out quite how we plan them to, but what matters most is that we put forth our greatest effort and best foot forward everyday. And I think it says a lot about the good in yoru heart that you felt sorry for losing your temper! With 9 kids I imagine it would be tough not to now and then!

You're great grandma, you have always been so sweet and kind to me. Nobody is the perfect person or the perfect parent, but I am so proud of you for always standing up for your family and for what's right. I've seen, on more than one occassion, your love and support for the people you love!