Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rehab progress 31

Have not written any updates about rehab progress in many months.

Most of the time has been spent struggling to stay in one place. Treadmills are like that.

I think I have sustained two minor ischemic attack incidents since December. One just after I was released from the University Hospital. And more recently, in April.

Dr. Butrum at the UVRMC says the MRI showed no signs. But the neurological deficits show up, and are persistent. If the symptoms were of very short term, as the aphasia, a TIA might be indicated. But my problem with foot drag persists for days and weeks. My right foot continues to lag behind the rest of me, and my right hand is still weaker, more than 15 days since the symptoms appeared. Dr. Hyatt, the family practice physician, agrees that this is indicative of new stroke damage, albeit very minor, and similar to that previously sustained and partially recovered from. Sigh. More ground to cover once again.

Oh well. Some of my blog readers expressed high hopes that I would die at the last hospitalization. I am uncertain of their reasoning -- I suppose because they think they are indebted to me, and if I die, they won´t have to pay the debt. Might be sound wisdom there. If so, sorry to disappoint, but I lived.

In any event, I forgive the ill-wishers their malice and their debts. I do not want their evil intentions aimed at me, nor do I want their money. Thanks anyway.

I have been coasting at my Physical Therapy sessions, but am planning to work harder on balance and equilibrium this week. If I can make it through a week without falling down, it will be an encouraging sign. Hope for the best.

Come what may -- and LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

You're an inspriation to me, Jim. I'm planning to work harder on the treadmill this coming week, too. I didn't know you could work on balance--I've always had balance problems, just ask my kids to do an imitation of me falling down! Don't get discouraged!

Love, Mary

Jim Cobabe said...


Thanks, its good to know that I am positive motivation! Keep at it.

I had a temple recommend interview with President Ricks, in our stake presidency a couple of weeks ago. After we interviewed, he told me they all look to me as an example. I admit I was taken aback. I told him I am not anyone´s example -- I am just living my life, day to day. What choice do any of us have?

But in retrospect, I can see that some deal with challenges like this differently. I have lots of help, and get along pretty well, so people think I am dealing with it. It´s all a matter of perspective, I suppose. So if you want to see me as some kind of motivational inspiration, I´ll take that vote of confidence and run with it!