Friday, April 10, 2009

Examining Our Past

Examining the minutia of our past has become a topic that divides the men from the boys here, somehow. Please vote for how you feel about the subject. This will be the poll for the week and it will change to something else if I think there is sufficient interest and participation.

Thank you.


Jim Cobabe said...

In my opinion, this thread can easily be discussed without violating Thumper's Rule.

Ruth is ever my sister, and a daughter of God. Something to always keep in mind.

Thank you for your support.

Jim Cobabe said...

Another point of some interest to note is that this blog has now had more than 12,000 visits. Why do they come here? To read about me? I don't think so.

achick47 said...

I come to this post as I find it brings me closer to God. I love each and everyone of your family anfd friends. I have Ms and find my love for people who are living with normal families and are willing to let me see all the ups and downs bring me closer to God. Your family are all so strong in thier own ways and I am so weak in my faith you all encourage me. May you continue tobe witnesses for God. I am sure that is not the purpose of your Blog but it is that for me. I love Ruth as she reminds me of family I once had. My family are all deceased ecept for my children. My memories of my 4 brothers and six sisters have all become pastel now and your blog reminds me of the times we were full color. So please take this as a vote of love.
Angel Youngblood-Chick of Abilene Texas

Jim Cobabe said...

I can't imagine a better answer.


Ruth said...

Take the poll down. You are the one who is obsessed.

Take it down now.

My life is my private business.

You will never hear from me again.

You are the desperado.

Limasa Family said...

Ruth's life is no longer her private business, as she made it public. Therefore her comment confuses me a great deal.

I am a very private person, and very rarely share much of myself even to my closest friends. I think much of life is best kept private. I love to share the joys in my life, which is why my blog is almost always joyous. I have struggled SO MUCH in the last 2 years with problems in my marriage, but have not aired mine, or my husbands dirty laundry for the world to see, because I still love him, and know that wouldn't be fair to him, or our kids, or his family who respects and loves him as well.

I wish everybody could find ways to share joy, rather than pain.

briancobabe said...

desperado. that was one of dad's favorite songs... he loved the eagles.

i'm trying to send you this picture of dad that i feel necessary to share with everyone that knew him. what email do you look at the most?

briancobabe said...

oh and just email me with your email. you gotta see the pic of dad Jim, you'll love it. it's probably the picture of him showing his biggest smile =)